I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for over twenty years (best job ever!).  We home schooled our kids all the way through high school and I am please to say the kids are now in college.  So, yes, one can home school through high school!

UPDATE: Our daughter graduated Salutatorian from a major university spring of 2017.  Our son is preparing to defend his thesis for his Masters degree in Interdisciplinary in Applied Sciences & Math then on to pursue his PhD.

I am now a Grandma to a happy healthy bouncing boy who greets every day with zeal!  JOY! Having a little one around the house has rekindled my enthusiasm and love for how children learn hence my blog: Learning All the Time.

I am also a part time potter.  My pottery is available at Etsy and be sure to check out my pottery blog. 😉

IMG_8771 iedit

“Learning is as natural as breathing.”~John Holt

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