First Blog Post . . .

We home schooled both of our kids from kindergarten through high school.  Both kids, now adults, are in college.  Both received their associates degree at a local community college and have moved on to pursue further degrees: one to complete a Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation and the other working on a PhD in Physics.

I am now a Grandma to a wonderful boy who greets every day with zeal!  Watching him learn all the time has rekindled my enthusiasm and love for how children learn which brings me to how I came across John Holt.

I first learned of John Holt upon reading Better Than School: One Family’s Declaration of Independence  by Nancy Wallace. John Holt wrote the introduction to her book as well as mentored Nancy in educating her children at home.

I was captivated by the notion that we as parents could “be our own experts in making decisions about how we live”, “rely on our own judgement and knowledge of ourselves and family”  and  ” given the freedom, the kids will learn all they need to know on their own.”  

Better Than School: One Family’s Declaration of Independence opened up a whole new world for our family as well as John Holt’s life’s work in advocating home schooling.


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